Victoria Golf Club

victoria-golf-club-rubber-cart-pathLocation: Riverside, CA

Project Type:

6,000 SF of Rubberway® RubberRock 6000
6,000 SF of Rubberway® Multipurpose

Rubberway's rubber pavement system was utilized to install a set of rubber golf cart paths and walking trails at the Victoria Golf Club in Riverside, CA.

Victoria Golf Club wanted to replace existing pavers with a more sustainable surface that would reduce ball bounce, withstand the heavy use of golf carts, and still look attractive. They also wanted a surface that would be safe and comfortable for golfers to walk on.

Rubberway was the answer!

Rubberway's rubber pathways were installed on a variety of steeply-sloped surfaces, winding throughout the golf club property. These pathways are durable and long-lasting, yet comfortable to walk on while offering the ball bounce reduction properties the golf club was looking for.

victoria-golf-club-rubber-cart-trailThe Rubberway Rubber Rock 6000 system - made of 100% recycled post-consumer rubber mixed with a stone aggregate for extra durability - was installed for the golf cart paths and other areas of potential high use and heavy weight loads. The Rubberway Multipurpose system, a 1/2" layer of virgin colored rubber, was installed over concrete in the pedestrian areas for a comfortable walking surface with sound dampening properties and reduced ball bounce.