Do It Yourself Installation Kits

We offer 3 do-it-yourself installation kits that each contain all materials needed for a small test installation or for the patching or replacement of an existing rubber surface installation. These kits are also handy for experienced contractors who want to perform a small test installation and practice installing rubber paving systems.

Rubber Sidewalk Demo Kit

The Rubber Sidewalk Demo Kit is supplied to enable experienced contractors to install a test site or small area of sidewalk utilizing a sub-base of crumb rubber with a surface wear coat of colored EPDM. Each Demo Kit contains the materials necessary for the installation or repair of an area up to 25 square feet, based on a 1" thick sub base and a 1/2" thick color EPDM wear layer.


Pervious Pavement Materials Kit

The Pervious Pavement Materials Kit is available to experienced contractors who are interested in learning how to install rubberized permeable paving systems. Each Materials Kit contains all the materials necessary for the installation of a small demonstration area up to 25 square feet in size at a 2" thickness. 



PolyStar Playground Patch Kit

The PolyStar Playground Patch Kit is supplied to enable contractors to repair damaged or worn rubber playground surfacing installations utilizing sub-bases of rubber buffings with a surface wear layer of colored EPDM. Each Patch Kit contains the materials necessary for the repair of an area up to 25 square feet, based on a 2.5” thick sub base and a 1/2” thick color EPDM wear layer. If the wear coat is to be made with multiple colors, additional materials will need to be ordered.

We also sell all materials for the installation of our surfacing systems separately and in custom quantities. For details on materials available, please visit the following material supply pages:

Rubberway Material Supplies

PolyStar Playground Material Supplies

PolyTurf Synthetic Turf Supplies

For a quote or to place an order, please contact us.