Specifications and Details for Contractors & Architects

Detail drawings and specifications for each of the diverse systems we offer are readily available. Please contact us for details.

We often work with engineers and architects to determine the needs of their specific project and make the proper recommendations based on those needs. Our technical materials can often be tailored to meet the specific guidelines and requirements of a project. For example, LEED Building projects or installations on a rooftop may have specific project requirements that our systems need to be tailored to. 

Questions are always presented with answers. We can assist you with solutions to concerns on your specific project. For example, we often help source regional materials for projects, provide advice on the most suitable sub-base for the region and climate where the project is located, and can explain how variances in climate will affect the function of the system. For certain regions and climate zones, we may need to increase the thickness or composition of a system to handle high traffic and heavy weight loads. We often alter our specifications slightly so we can ensure that our system is viable and sustainable wherever it is installed. 

Cut sheets, technical data, and testing on these systems are available for architects to download right from our website at the bottom of each product page under the category of Specifications, MSDS, or Drawings.  Also, this information can be found in the Architect Library.

Certified Training for Contractors

USSA, Inc. is actively seeking qualified, professional contractors to represent our products and installations services across the nation. 

We offer a nationwide certified training program to allow partner networks of regional installers to best serve our clients on a local level.  

These excellent programs combine comprehensive theoretical tutorials with solid and practical on site demonstrations.

Taught by experienced and accredited professionals, the course is focused on providing you with the skills needed to install with confidence!

USSA, Inc. works closely with engineers and architects to provide the most accurate specifications and details that work for various regions across the USA.

Installers are Trained by Certified Industry Professionals and can offer Affordable and High Quality Installation and Maintenance Services 

Dealers and Certified Installers Have Exclusive Access to Proprietary System Technology and Wholesale Materials.

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