Poured in Place Rubber Playgrounds

PolyStar TumbleTurf poured in place rubber playground surfaces offer a certified, resilient safety surfacing system which provides a fun, clean, and attractive environment for playgrounds. PolyStar playground surfaces are made from non-toxic pigmented rubber primarily derived from recycled tires. The thick, soft, shock absorbing layer creates a cushioned surface that allows children to play safely.

The PolyStar TumbleTurf Rubber Playground System

dpolystar-pip-sampleThe PolyStar TumbleTurf rubber playground surface is a two-layer system customized to provide safety for various age groups and fall heights. The top "wear" layer is composed of color coated virgin rubber mixed with our proprietary binder and troweled evenly over the shock absorbing base layer.

The base layer is made of shredded recycled rubber from post-consumer tires in varying thicknesses determined by the critical fall height (CFH) of the playground equipment.

A variety of brilliant colors are available to create beautiful patterns and designs in the rubber playground surface. Once cured, the rubber playground is non-toxic and environmentally inert. 

Rubber Playground Surface Installation 

Our experience with installing poured rubber playground surfaces spans over 15 years with over 500,000 SF of rubber surfacing material sold and installed since we began business in the late 90's. We have on call, trained and competent crews available across America who will ensure that the poured in place playground surface is properly installed. 

Custom Playground Surface Designs

Artwork is a craft that our installers have refined and perfected over the years. Intricate images, designs, and color blends can be incorporated into the wear layer of the rubber surface to compliment the color and theme of playgrounds and parks.

For specific purposes or design considerations, PolyStar poured in place rubber surfacing can be installed over slopes, mounds, and contours to create both a visual and sensory experience for the children and patrons of your park, school, or day care. Our installation crews are very capable of accomplishing any desired look or theme for our very particular clientele.

EPDM Colors Available

Two dozen brilliant EPDM colors are available to help you create your dream playground surface. We are happy to help recommend color blends and combinations to achieve any desired look and feel.

EPDM Terra Cotta RedEPDM Bright RedOrange EPDMGold EPDMYellow EPDMBeige EPDM
 Terra Cotta Red Bright Red Orange Gold Yellow Beige
 Eggshell EPDM Ivory EPDM Hobart Green EPDM 401 Green EPDM 104 Green EPDM Teal EPDM
 Eggshell Ivory Hobart Green401 Green 104 Green Teal
Dark Blue EPDMBlue EPDMLight Blue EPDMPurple EPDMMid Gray EPDMLight Gray EPDM
 Dark Blue Blue Light Blue Purple Mid Gray Light Gray
Cocoa Brown EPDMMid Brown EPDMDark Brown EPDMCharcoal EPDMBlack EPDMWhite EPDM
 Cocoa Brown Mid Brown Dark Brown Charcoal Black


Playground Safety Testing

We are committed to providing the safest playground surfacing possible. PolyStar TumbleTurf meets ASTM critical fall heights and meets Gmax standards for head impact. Testing data for ASTM fall height requirements and ADA compliance is available upon request as needed.

Environmentally Friendly Playground Surfacing

Our environmentally compatible technology provides multiple LEED credits and exceeds EPA requirements on heavy metal leaching. 

Recycled Content
LEED MR Credits 4.1 and 4.2
The base layer of PolyStar Tumbleturf contains 100% recycled post-consumer tires.

Regional Materials 
LEED MR Credits 5.1 and 5.2
100% regionally obtained recycled tires are utilized in all California projects as well as wherever possible throughout the United States.

Stormwater Management
LEED SS Credits 6.1 and 6.2
PolyStar systems are permeable, allowing rainwater to penetrate through rather than runoff as storm water.

Playground Maintenance

Regular maintenance is highly recommended to ensure a long life for your new playground surfacing. Maintenance packages and materials are readily available. Please visit our Playground Maintenance Page for details. 

  • Age Appropriate for 2-12 Years Old
  • Safe for Critical Fall Heights up to 12' 
  • Excellent Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Includes a 5 Year Warranty
  • Ideal for Color Blends, Designs, and Logos
  • Utilizes Regional Materials and Recycled Content
  • Eligible for LEED Credits
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Cost Effective
  • Top quality
  • Nationally Recognized

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