Rubber Surfacing Material Supply

We supply all the rubber surfacing materials specific to installing and maintaining our specialty Rubberway® systems including recycled rubber granules, EPDM, binder, and more. However, we do not supply generic construction products and tools normally found in hardware or building supply stores.

Please note that some Rubberway systems are patented and require a certified installer to be present. 

Rubber Surfacing and Paving Materials Available:

EPDM Colored Rubber Granules

Virgin rubber granules colored throughout available in six different colors. Other colors may be available by request.


Recycled Rubber Granules

A larger, recycled rubber granule available in a variety of colors.


Rubberway Evolution Rubber Granules

Virgin rubber granules in a larger size colored throughout and available in a variety of colors. Additional colors may be available by request with certain colors requiring special order and additional lead time.


Natural Black Crumb Recycled Rubber Granules

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled tires available in a range of sizes

Rubberway PolyStar EnviroBinder 3000

Standard, amber hue binder

Rubberway PolyStar EnviroBinder 4000

Premium, UV stabilized, clear binder

Rubberway PolyStar EnviroBinder 6000

An amber hue binder designed to be mixed with rubber or rubber and stone. This binder produces a harder, firmer finish than our standard binders and is recommended for light vehicular traffic, bicycles, golf carts and high use areas.

Rubberway PolyStar EnviroBinder 7000

A clear binder used as a refinishing varnish top coat, with UV stabilization to aid in maintaining the system integrity and longevity

Rubberway PolyStar EnviroBinder 8000

A very slight pale-yellow hue binder designed with UV stabilization to be mixed with rubber or rubber and stone. This binder produces a harder, firmer finish than our standard bonding agents. This binder can take longer to cure in cooler climate conditions. 

Do It Yourself Installation Kits Available:

Rubber Sidewalk Demo Kit

The Rubber Sidewalk Demo Kit is supplied to enable experienced contractors to install a test site or small area of sidewalk utilizing a sub-base of crumb rubber with a surface wear coat of colored EPDM. Each Demo Kit contains the materials necessary for the installation or repair of an area up to 25 square feet, based on a 1" thick sub base and a 1/2" thick color EPDM wear layer.

Pervious Pavement Materials Kit

The Pervious Pavement Materials Kit is available to experienced contractors who are interested in learning how to install rubberized permeable paving systems. Each Materials Kit contains all the materials necessary for the installation of a small demonstration area up to 100 square feet in size at a 1.5" thickness. 

Our Guarantee

Our proprietary binders are top-of-line and derived of pure raw material compounds, without fillers, TDI, or VOC's. The tensile strength properties provide long-term performance benefits. Additional binders for varying climates such as hot and humid are available.

Our recycled rubber products are from refined, recycled tires that are free of metals. 

For a quote or to place an order please contact us.