Certified Installer Training Programs

Training for the installation of porous rubber surfacing, poured in place playground surfacing, synthetic turf, and more is offered through USSA, Inc. Our comprehensive theoretical tutorials and practical on-site demonstrations are taught by experienced and accredited professionals who will provide you the skills needed to install with confidence.

Be the first to market with innovative developments that are increasingly generating in-demand products which:

  • Divert waste materials from local landfills
  • Offer full lifecycle management of recycled products
  • Provide stormwater management
  • Reduce water use
  • Are eligible for LEED credits
  • Comply with low impact development (LID) for green building

USSA, Inc. is actively seeking qualified, professional contractors to represent our products and installation services across the nation.

We offer a nationwide certified installer training program to allow partner networks of regional installers to best serve our clients on a local level.

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Learn Years of Valuable Industry Knowledge and Techniques in a Matter of Hours!

On Site Training offers a Hands On Experience for Comfort and Ease

Installation Instructions and Maintenance Manuals Are Provided as a Guide

Have Exclusive Access to Proprietary System Technology and Materials