Versacoat Specialty Sports Surfaces

Versacoat surfaces provide smooth acrylic or polyurethane coatings over concrete and rubber for useful and attractive sports and recreation applications.

Basketball courts, tennis courts, blacktops, rooftop recreational areas and the like are all multi-functional sports and recreation applications where Versacoat has been used. 

Two options are available to meet various price points:

1)  Our standard system is applied directly to a concrete surface and includes a 2mm pigmented flexible coating and sand spray for traction. There is no rubber cushion layer applied to this system and there is no force reduction.

2)  Like the standard system, this Cush Flex system has multiple layers which can be from 4-8 mm thickness, and also includes a rubber cushion layer for force reduction.


* Please note that at this time, the Versacoat System is only available in the Northeastern United States.

Customized Surfaces for a Variety of Sports

Optional Force Reduction

Great for Indoor, Outdoor, and Rooftops

Designs and Logos Can Be Incorporated

Can Be Painted to Suit Themes 

Works Great for Rooftops