Rubber Playground Surfaces by PolyStar

PolyStar rubber playground surfaces are the industry leader in beautiful, cost effective, long lasting, and safe rubber playgrounds. This poured rubber playground surface is ideal for blending colors, adding designs, logos, play elements and equipment, as well as offering effective wheelchair accessibility and fall height protection.

Polystar rubber playground surfacing is made from superior pigmented rubber materials including rubber from recycled tires, promoting waste diversion and supporting local tire recycling programs.

We are committed to providing the safest playground surfacing possible, with fall heights tested up to 12 feet. 

Our Rubber Playground Surfacing Systems Include: 

Poured in Place Rubber

This two layer, poured-in-place, resilient rubber playground surface is available in a variety of thicknesses customized to meet varying fall height requirements. Make play time on this rubber play surface even more fun with an extensive color selection and custom designs!

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Rubber Mulch

This rubber playground mulch system is made from 100% recycled tire rubber, pigmented in a variety of attractive colors and bound together. This single layer rubberized playground surface is easy to install and is designed to replicate wood mulch but without the concern of splinters, mold, bugs and fading.

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Playground Grass

PolyTurf, our line of lead free, non toxic artificial turf, is often used for playground surfaces. PolyTurf can be installed on top of a bound rubber safety layer to ensure appropriate fall height protection for a safe, long lasting playground surface.

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PolyStar Multi-Purpose

PolyStar has been used for a variety of creative rubber surfacing applications such as splash pads and theme park attractions, landing pads beneath rock climbing walls, and decorative flooring.

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VersaCoat Specialty Sport Surfaces

Versacoat surfaces provide smooth acrylic or polyurethane coatings over concrete and rubber for useful and attractive sports and recreation applications.

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Playground Maintenance

Your beautiful PolyStar playground surface is designed to provide years of beneficial use. With proper maintenance, PolyStar poured in place playground systems have a life span of 5-8 years.

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PolyStar Playground Supplies

We supply all the materials specific to installing and maintaining our specialty surfacing systems, however we do not generally supply generic products and tools normally found in hardware or building supply stores. 

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PolyFoam Safety Pad

The PolyFoam Safety Pad provides fall height protection beneath synthetic turf playgrounds, wood chips, and loose rubber mulch.

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