PolyStar Bound Rubber Mulch

PolyStar Bound Rubber Mulch is a cost-effective, simple to install, safe playground surface. As a wholesale supplier of rubber mulch (with minimum order requirements), you can expect low prices for a high-quality product that meets the approval of safety testing, LEED green building credits, cities/urban development, and educational facilities alike.

bound rubber mulch for playgroundsBound rubber playground mulch, available in nuggets or shred in a variety of colors, is the best replacement for wood chips, sand, asphalt, and gravel surfaces, as they are made from recycled materials and also tested to meet ADA and ASTM requirements. Bound rubber mulch is perfect for playgrounds because it eliminates the need for constant replenishment in comparison to wood chips or loose rubber mulch and also makes the play surface ADA accessible.

Playground rubber mulch does not harbor insects or mold and provides a firm, yet pliable safety surface that is easier to walk and run on than conventional sand or wood chips. 

Rubber Mulch Shred Color Options

Rubber mulch shred is available in a variety of colors including dark brown, light brown, green, tan, brick red, and blue. Color blends of two colors or more are available as well with examples below.

Rubber Mulch Tree Well BrownRubber Mulch Tree Well Light BrownRubber Mulch Tree Well GreenRubber Mulch Tree Well TanRubber Mulch Tree Well Brick RedRubber Mulch Tree Well Blue
Rubber Mulch Tree Well Green Brown BlendRubber Mulch Tree Well Grey Red BlendRubber Mulch Tree Well Brown and Red BlendRubber Mulch Tree Well Multi Blend1Rubber Mulch Tree Well Yellow Blue BlendRubber Mulch Tree Well Multi Blend2

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  • Reduces playground injuries through increased impact absorption
  • Porous for rapid drainage and stormwater management
  • Eliminates the need for top-offs and replacement of material
  • ASTM and ADA compliant
  • Long lasting safety surface
  • Will not decompose
  • Five times heavier than woodchips
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Retains color for many years
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Does not breed insects or bugs
  • Easy to install

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Tested results include:

  • ASTM F 1951-99
  • ASTM F 1292-04
  • IPEMA certified

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