PolyStar Multi-Purpose Surfaces

Let us help you determine the best solution for your poured in place rubber surfacing needs. Our qualified customer service representatives are knowledgeable about our products and materials and can guide you in creating a unique system that is all your own!

PolyStar poured in place rubber surfacing systems have been used for TV show sets, splash pads, theme park attractions, as a landing pad beneath a rock climbing wall, and as flooring in gyms and Crossfit centers. 

Anywhere a resilient, attractive, non-slip, durable, fall injury minimizing, comfortable rubber surface is needed, PolyStar Multi-Purpose system will exceed the requirements. 

The uses of PolyStar Multi-Purpose are limited only by your imagination!

A Simple Poured Rubber Surface

One example of the simplest rubber surface available is a half inch of recycled crumb rubber mixed with our proprietary, non-toxic, water repellent binder, then poured and troweled over a sub-base. The sub-base can be asphalt, concrete or compacted crushed rock. If a more colorful, custom surface is required, the crumb rubber can be replaced or topped with virgin colored rubber granules available in a wide variety of colors which can be laid in custom colored patterns and designs.

Rubber Flooring for Theme Parks and More

When laid over concrete or asphalt, the resulting firm yet resilient surface is ideal for courtyards, theme parks and recreational facilities like hopscotch courts.

"Bunny" skateboard parks can be constructed with appropriate contours and slopes for young beginners to learn to skateboard on a safer surface that is slower and softer than concrete. 

Installations can be porous, allowing water to rapidly seep through, promoting a quick drying system perfect as a splash pad for water parks. Installations can also be designed to be impervious and have a separate drainage system.

Rubber Rooftop Surfacing

Turn your empty, unused rooftop into a recreational area to be enjoyed by employees, guests, or residents where they can relax, eat lunch, play shuffleboard, or jog on a perimeter track. In addition to creating a functional space, PolyStar Multi-Purpose on rooftops provides the added benefits of insulation and sound dampening to the building.

A lighter colored installation will reflect the suns rays for a cooling effect while a darker colored installation will absorb heat from the sun for a warming effect in addition to providing insulation. Depending on conditions, over time the savings from heating and cooling costs can more than pay the costs of installation. All of these benefits add value to the building.

Can be used anywhere a resilient, yet firm surface is desired as long as it is installed on a firm sub-base like concrete, asphalt or compacted crushed rock.