Renaissance Hotel

Renaissance-hotel-path-afterLocation: Dallas, TX

Project Type: Rubberway® Multi-Purpose Sidewalk System

Project Details:

2,500 Square Feet
Rooftop Application
Light Grey
Non-porous System

The Renaissance Hotel in Dallas, TX approached us with a unique project. The tiled pathway on the rooftop of the hotel that was used for the transportation of food carts had been causing issues for some time. The concrete pavers that made up the pathway had separated over time, causing the wheels from the carts to get stuck and creating fall and trip hazards for hotel employees. The hotel needed a smooth, durable surface that would allow 800 lb food carts to be easily transported from one building to another via the rooftop.

A Rubberway Multi-Purpose system was selected to meet the needs of this project. This non-porous rubber sidewalk system utilizes a special polyurethane bonding agent which is clear in color, offers UV stabilization, and creates a hard, firm surface. With no seams, this system creates a smooth, even, long-lasting surface which will not buckle or separate over time like pavers tend to do.

Renaissance-hotel-path-beforeThe photos to the right show the cart path after the Rubberway installation (top) and before the Rubberway installation (bottom).