Pine Hills Golf Club Rubber Golf Cart Path

Location: Hinckley, OH

Project Description: Rubberway® Rubberrock 6000 Pervious Pavement
10,000 SF
2” Thickness
Single Layer system installed over base rock

A Rubberway Rubberrock pervious pavement system was installed at the Pine Hills Golf Club in Hinckley, Ohio. The 10,000 square foot installation serves as a test site for the new Rubberrock system to evaluate how it holds up to heavy use by golf carts and freeze-thaw environments. Regions susceptible to freeze-thaw, such as the northeast, are looking for replacements for traditional asphalt surfaces that crack and crumble over time. 

Rubberway's rubber paving and surfacing products are flexible and thus resistant to the detrimental effects of freeze-thaw. 

The Rubberrock system, in particular, combines 100 percent recycled rubber with a stone aggregate to create an extra durable system designed to handle heavy weight loads and light vehicular traffic. This system utilizes a proprietary binding agent that creates a harder, firmer finish than our standard binders.

Installed on top of compacted base rock, this system is porous, allowing for rapid drainage and quick drying.