Obregon Park Running Trail

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Type: Rubberway® Sidewalk

Project Details:
6,200 Square Feet
Terra Cota Red
1 ½" Thickness
Designed for minimal porosity

Eugene A. Obregon Park is located in East Los Angeles and offers a friendly environment for families in the community.

The County of Los Angeles wanted to provide the community with a safe, resilient, ergonomic walking and jogging trail. The Rubberway sidewalk installed around the park promotes health and outdoor activity, benefiting everyone from the young to the elderly.

Obregon Park is open to the public and the Rubberway sidewalk is utilized and enjoyed by many.

Rubberway sidewalk is a two-layer recycled rubber pavement system. It is generally specified as a porous system to improve drainage and assist with stormwater management and root heave from trees but the system can be customized to varying levels of porosity.