Northern Arizona University

Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Project Description: Rubberway® RR8000 Multi-Purpose Rubber Flooring
5,000 SF
Light Gray
1.5” total thickness
Multi-Layer, Non-Porous system installed over concrete and waterproofing membrane

A Rubberway Multi-Purpose rubber surface - the RR 8000 system - was installed as an exterior flooring system on the balconies and hallways of student residence buildings on the Northern Arizona University campus. 

The University wanted a safe, non-slip surface with sound dampening properties that had the characteristics of concrete, with a hard surface structure yet the ability to expand and contract without separation or warping.  The Rubberway Multi-Purpose RR8000 rubber surfacing system was selected to meet and exceed the University’s expectations.

This system was designed to replace specified concrete pavers that separate during freeze-thaw and create gaps and trip hazards. The original surface was unleveled so the poured in place Rubberway system was beneficial as it can be customized and leveled to the surface as needed and could be modified to meet the project requirements.

This rubber flooring system uses a special clear polyurethane bonding agent which creates a harder, firmer surface and provides UV stabilization to prevent a change in color over time.