Luxury Lite Natural Synthetic Turf

A tall, soft, mid-weight landscaping grass with a natural looking tan and olive thatch 

Luxury Lite Natural is part of PolyTurf's exclusive Luxury Collection, our top-of-the-line landscaping grasses. Luxury Lite Natural features a two-tone forest and spring green color with a natural looking tan and olive thatch. 

Product Details

Luxury Lite Natural is a mid-weight product yet looks as thick and full as PolyTurf's higher weight products due to the long grass blades and the full thatch zone. Because this lawn is multi-colored and tall, it creates the depth, richness, and characteristics of natural grass. Luxury Lite Natural is recommended for any application desiring a natural look, such as residential and commercial landscaping, urban developments, municipal landscaping, rooftops, homeowners associations, and more. 

Recommended Applications

Residential Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

Homeowners Associations

Senior Citizen/Assisted Living Developments



Polyurethane Backing

Nanobac Antibacterial Technology

Made in the USA

100% Recyclable

Made With Recycled Content

Lead Free - Non-Toxic

LEED rated

Tall, natural, and economical

Fiber Weight:

60 oz.

Pile Height:

2 1/8" Directional

Cool Reflect Technology:


EnviroFlow Backing: No

Roll Width:



Every 4"


Two Tone Forest and Spring Green with Tan and Olive Thatch


10 Years

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