Los Altos Private Trail

Project Type: Rubberway® Pervious Pavement Trail

Location: Los Altos Hills, CA

Project Size: 60,000 SF

Year Installed: 2019


A series of Rubberway pervious pavement trails were installed at a private residence in Los Altos Hills, California. The client desired a trail to meander throughout their property so they could comfortably get outside. They had to meet various stormwater regulations required by the city, and Rubberway pervious pavement was the perfect fit.

Two Rubberway porous paving systems were used for this project:

1) The PP3000 system which is our classic Rubberway Pervious Pavement system - a single-layer, flexible, porous, rapid draining system made from 100% recycled rubber.

2) The Rubberway Softwalk system - a two-layer system made with a base layer of recycled rubber buffings and a top or "wear layer" of virgin EPDM rubber granules for long-lasting colorfastness. Rubberway Softwalk is a resilient system that creates a cushioned path with some "give" to it that's easy on the joints and comfortable for walking and jogging.

Rubberway flexibile porous rubber pavement trail   Rubberway flexible porous pavement trail