Houstonian Hotel Rubber Jogging Trail

Houstonian-rubber-trail-joggersLocation: Houston, TX

Project Description: Rubberway® Evolution Rubber Jogging Trail
27,000 SF
Natural green color
Dual layer system installed over concrete

A Rubberway Evolution jogging trail was installed at the 5-star Houstonian hotel in Houston, Texas. This system is flexible, durable, and water repellent – it even stood up to the extensive flooding following Hurricane Harvey in September of 2017.

The Houstonian is known for its active participation in sustainability which led them to Rubberway’s innovative products for their outdoor recreational area. The original jogging trail was paved with asphalt and was re-surfaced many times over the past 40 years. It continually created trip hazards due to tree roots cracking and lifting the surface and was crumbling beyond salvation.

The goals for the new jogging trail were to preserve the surrounding charm of the forest while holding up to unpredictable weather and being able to withstand long periods of submergence in flood zone areas. Also, this high-use path leads running teams, walkers, joggers, wheelchairs, strollers and the like to a much larger trail, which means high tolerance to wear and tear is essential.

The Rubberway Evolution system in a natural green color was selected for this project to harmonize with the surrounding landscape. Notable features of the track include water stations, a fitness zone, and wildlife all around. The mile-long trail winds through the hotel property and around the club's tennis courts, pools and Trellis Spa.

An outdoor workout space was also constructed alongside the trail for Cross Fit, agility training, weightlifting, and other exercises. The PolyTurf Multi-Play synthetic turf system with a 5mm foam pad was selected for this project as it is versatile, cushioned, and permits the use of heavy-duty equipment like sleds, tires, and weights, without damaging the material or sub-base below.

Constructed and completed in August of 2017, the pathway and synthetic turf system were installed by hand with the utmost care and detail.