City of Oakland Greenfield

Project Location: Oakland, CA
Project Description: PolyTurf Greenfield with Safety Layer

The City of Oakland installed a PolyTurf Greenfield in 2012 as a safe, low maintenance recreational area for the community. The PolyTurf Greenfield consists of a layer of PolyTurf Champion Sport synthetic grass on top of a recycled rubber safety layer. This poured in place rubber layer is made from recycled tires, diverting tires from landfills while providing impact protection and eliminating the need for rubber infill within the synthetic turf.

PolyTurf Greenfields are pervious, allowing rapid stormwater drainage making for a faster drying field after rains. With no heavy metal leaching, PolyTurf Greenfields are a safe, comfortable, low maintenance choice for recreation.

oakland greenfield