Corporate Wellness at the Arconic Campus

Location: Carson, CAarconic-corporate-wellness-rubber-jogging-trail

Project Description:

  • 8,400 SF Rubberway®Pervious Pavement Evolution
  • 7,500 SF Rubberway® Pervious Pavement 3000
  • PolyTurf Champion Sport Synthetic Turf Greenfield System

A series of Rubberway pervious pavement systems were installed at the Arconic (formerly Alcoa) corporate campus in Carson, CA to promote corporate health and wellness.

Rubber Walking and Jogging Trail

The new Rubberway Pervious Pavement Evolution system was used to create a resilient walking and jogging trail that surrounds the corporate campus, giving employees a comfortable outdoor space to get some exercise. This dual-layer porous rubber pavement system provides long-term durability and colorfastness. The base layer is made from 100% recycled rubber while the top "wear" layer is made from virgin rubber granules that are colored throughout, reducing color wear over time.

Rubber Fitness Zone Flooringarconic-corporate-wellness-rubber-fitness-flooring

In addition, a Rubberway Pervious Pavement 3000 system was installed as an outdoor fitness zone floor that surrounds a number of fitness stations where employees can work out. This single layer porous rubber paving system is made from 100% recycled rubber that is encapsulated in color.

Both systems are flexible, non-slip, and easy on the joints, making them a great choice for active applications.

Synthetic Turf Soccer Field

A synthetic turf field was also installed as part of this new fitness zone. The PolyTurf Greenfield system was selected which consists of a base layer of bound, recycled rubber to provide impact protection and comfort, topped with PolyTurf's Champion Sport synthetic turf which is long-lasting, durable, and stays cooler than other synthetic turf products in hot temperatures.

Arconic selected USSA because of our established reputation as leading providers of high quality, performance-based sustainable surfacing systems for recreational use. All of our systems hold up to high standards and meet the environmental regulations and requirements of the EPA and the City of Los Angeles Public Works Department.