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New Ground

Dealer, Area Developer, & Licensing Opportunities


Area Developers benefit from World Recycling Surfacing Group in a multitude of ways unmatc  hed by any other company in the industry. We were first to market with our RubberWay®, PolyTurf®, and PolyStar® products and have done more installs and testing than any other material in the industry.

We have proven its effectiveness in communities throughout California, and we are now ready to expand our business across America.

There is no inital "buy in" cost . Once an existing contractor is approved through our application process, materials may be purchased without the posession of an exclusive license from WRSG (applies to specific systems only).

Our approach licensing is to authorize  contractors  install our patented systems in their own local area on an exclusive basis. Installation is straightforward and requires a minimum of tools. It can be compared to pouring and leveling concrete.

We provide a complete training package including a manual, all necessary marketing materials,  and a “lead” service. Area Developers operate independently and, with our help and support, are completely responsible for all aspects of the business in their designated areas.Licenses are awarded based on our estimation of the capability of the Developer to develop and promote the business in a professional and successful manner.

 However, acquiring an "exclusive" license for patented systems is based on a small and reasonable advance purchase of material packages proportional to the assigned area.
Once a sufficient concentration of Area Developers is achieved,a Regional Developer will be appointed to provide stocking of materials and leadership over a larger region.

Installation training services, sales rep/dealer/area developer positions, and licensing agreements are available. Contact us for more information or to receive an application.

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