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New Ground

Synthetic Turf Supplies

We supply all the materials specific to installing and maintaining our specialty surfacing systems, however we do not generally supply generic products and tools normally found in hardware or building supply stores.

PolyTurf Supplies Available

Seam Tape
Super strong mylar seam tape to join sythetic grass cuts. Available in different lengths at 12" wide. Cross weaved for strength and non-porous so adhesive will not seep through.

Green Glue Seam Glue
Available in one gallon pails

refresh cleaner

PolyTurf Refresh Natural Cleaner
All natural enymatic turf cleaner breaks down odor causing bacteria. Available in 32 oz bottles and 1 gallon jugs.

CoolFill Green Coated Sand
Optional sand infill for high use applications and sports fields.

Zeolite Odor Neutralizing Mineral
All natural, completely safe and edible odor neutralizing mineral infill is recommended for pet applications.

PolyFoam Safety Panels
High quality, environmentally friendly, shock absorbing pervious pad for use beneath synthetic turf. Available in 4'x6' panels at 1 1/8" and 2 1/8" thickness. Made from 99% recycled foam and 100% recyclable. 

PolyDrain Drainage Mat
Perfect for use beneath synthetic turf when extra drainage considerations are required, such as on top of concrete.

For a quote or to place an order please contact us.

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