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New Ground

PolyTurf Multi-Purpose

In addition to the primary uses of synthetic turf like lawns and landscaping, sports and recreational fields, boulevards and Playgrounds, PolyTurf synthetic grass can be used in a wide variety of creative and innovative ways, indoors or outdoors, limited only by your imagination.

Laying PolyTurf is like laying a carpet. So it can be used like a carpet either outdoors or, since it never needs watering, indoors as well. You could have a green lawn in your bathroom if you wanted to!

There are basically two kinds of synthetic grass, the long pile, thick, plush, rich green turf, and the short pile, tight weave, hard wearing “greens” style of grass. There are several variations of the turf available, accommodating different color preference and cost considerations.

Synthetic turf of all kinds comes rolled like a carpet, 15 feet wide and with tufted green yarns firmly threaded and glued into a thin but strong and durable backing layer. This allows both permanent installations with the turf glued in place on to a hard sub-base like concrete, asphalt, or a rubber underlay, or temporarily by just rolling the turf out and pegging or taping down the edges.

The typical method of joining sections of turf is by using wide mylar seam tape with the recommended seam adhesive under the seams which produces an invisible and secure seam, so any size or shape of installation is possible.

The uses mentioned above all have specific requirements which vary with the application, but you can use the basic products in creative ways, either alone or on top of a rubber or plywood base layer. You can mix styles such as laying a contoured putting green surrounded by a longer turf surround, or you can use the turf in combination with a RubberWay Poured-in-Place surface.

Let your creativity run wild. How about a resilient green lawn as the floor of your next Trade Show booth, comfortable for both you and your clients to stand on, attention getting and completely reusable.  Or create a beautiful lawn to display furniture, garden implements or other garden related products in your store. Displaying anything, like cars, plants and flowers, statuary and garden art and so on are enhanced by being on a rich green lawn and draw attention immediately. Do you have large patches of your existing lawn where the grass won’t grow, like under trees or in unsuitable soil? Just cut out the old lawn and blend synthetic turf with your existing grass to cover those unsightly areas. The short pile “greens” turf makes great, maintenance free, (except for sweeping or brushing) consistent and fast drying bowling greens or croquet lawns.

If you have ideas and aren’t sure how they will work out, or which product to use, call out office and one of our knowledgeable and creative staff will discuss it with you and help you decide.

Anywhere you can think “grass”, you can have “grass”.


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