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Green Roof

Rubberway Multi-Purpose

Rubberway Multi-Purpose Poured Rubber Flooring

In addition to Rubberway sidewalks, treewells, softwalk, and pervious pavement, there are many uses for this poured in place rubber system. Rubberway Multi-Purpose rubber surfacing has been installed on green roofs to combat the heat island effect. It has also been used as rubber decking, for pool deck coating, and for safety surfaces in gyms, crossfit centers, and for climbing wall floors.

Anywhere a resilient, attractive, low maintenance, comfortable, environmentally friendly surface is needed, Rubberway Multi-Purpose is the answer. This poured rubber flooring is completely customizeable in terms of application, color, thickness, porosity, and design. We will work with you to make your project a reality. The uses of Rubberway Multi-Purpose are limited only by your imagination - contact us today for help with your unique project.

EPDM Green Roof Rubberway

Multi-Purpose Rubber Surfacing Details

The Rubberway Multi-Purpose system generally consists of ½” of recycled crumb rubber mixed with binder and poured and troweled over a sub-base. The sub-base can be asphalt, concrete or compacted crushed rock. The recycled crumb rubber can also be replaced by virgin EPDM which is available in a wide variety of colors and can accomodate designs, geometric patterns, images, and logos. 

When laid over concrete or asphalt the resulting firm, yet resilient surface is ideal for recreational facilities like basketball or tennis courts where it provides a cushioned surface with good traction and suitable ball bounce. "Bunny" skateboard parks can be constructed with appropriate contours and slopes for young beginners to learn to skateboard on a safe surface that is slower and softer than concrete. Rubberway Multi-Purpose has even been installed on walls! 

Green Roofs Use Rubberway Multi-Purpose

Environmentally friendly green roofs are the way of the future. When installed on rooftops, Rubberway Multi-Purpose rubber surfacing in light colors can be used to combat the heat island effect by reflecting more of the sun's incoming rays. This poured rubber flooring also has insulating properties which can lead to reduced building heating and cooling costs. Depending on conditions, over time these savings can more than pay the costs of installation. Additional benefits of this rubber surfacing on rooftops include sound-dampening and a high coefficient of friction for a non-slip surface.

Rubberway systems, including epdm green roof installations, are eligible for a variety of LEED credits and can transform a once unused space into a beautiful recreational area.

Rubberway Multi-Purpose installations on rooftops can be porous, allowing rainwater to seep through into the existing drainage system which promotes quick drying and reduces puddling, or it can be made impervious and have its own drainage system. Both methods provide an extra layer of insulation and protection for the roof.

Recommended Applications

Rooftop Surfacing           Recreational Centers
Green Roofs Schools
Rubber Decks Gyms and Crossfit Centers
Rubber Patios Climbing Wall Floors
Courtyards Skateparks
Pool Surrounds Basketball Courts




  • Customizable
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe, non-slip surface minimizes fall injuries
  • Eligible for LEED credits
  • Reduces heat island effect when used on rooftops
  • Reduces building heating and cooling costs when used on rooftops
  • Acts as sound barrier when used on rooftops

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