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New Ground

Rubber Treewells

Porous Rubber Tree Wells by Rubberway


Rubber Treewell

Rubberway tree wells are uniquely designed to reduce sidewalk cracking and the risk of trip hazards. The porosity of these rubber tree wells creates a healthy environment for the tree and its roots, encouraging deep rooting and reducing root heave. The flexibility of Rubberway tree wells also provides some ‘give' to allow tree roots to move and grow below without cracking the surface

Rubberway tree wells are completely customizable - Select from a variety of colors, create your own color blends, or incorporate a logo.


Protect Urban Trees with Rubber Tree Wells

Urban trees improve air quality, cool the air, reduce the urban heat island effect, and beautify cities and communities. Studies have even shown that being around trees improves physical and mental health. With all those benefits, who wouldn't want more trees around? Many cities and communities are working hard to plant new tries and preserve existing ones. Rubberway tree wells have been installed across the U.S. to protect urban trees and prevent the need for their removal.

For example, our porous, rubber tree wells were installed at a high school which was built among century old oak trees. The trees had cracked and lifted the surrounding cement, creating a safety hazard for the campus. But preserving these large, old oak trees was very important to the school, so when the campus underwent extensive renovation, the school selected Rubberway tree wells to create a safe surface for students while allowing the trees to thrive.


The Rubberway Tree Well System


Rubberway tree wells can be installed as a single layer system or as a two-layer system depending on the project objectives and design considerations.

The single layer rubber tree well system consists of 100% recycled rubber in a larger commodity size available in a variety of colors.

The two-layer rubber tree well system consists of a base layer of 100% recycled rubber bits topped with a ‘wear' layer of virgin rubber that is colored all the way through to ensure color fastedness over time. This option generally allows for more customization and a larger variety of color options.

As the tree grows and the base expands, the rubber tree well can be trimmed back to allow for further tree growth.
Sub base requirements vary by region and should be altered accordingly. Please contact us with the details of your project and we will help ensure you get the right specifications for your needs.


Benefits of Porous Rubber Tree Wells


  • Allow water to penetrate to the root system, helping trees to flourish
  • Reduces root heave and encourages deep rooting
  • Provides an attractive and safe transition between the sidewalk and the tree surround
  • Provides storm water management
  • Made from recycled and regional materials
  • Customizable in shape, color, and pattern
  • Easy to install


Contact Us for more information.

  • Porosity allows water to penetrate to the root system reducing heaving and providing nourishment to the tree below ground
  • Provides an attractive and safe transition between the existing sidewalk and the tree surround
  • Made from recycled, regional materials
  • Customizable in shape, color, and design
  • Economical and simple to install
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Great for city beautification

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Estimated Life Cycle: 12+ years
Completion Time: 2000 sq ft/day
Recycled Material Content: 66-100%
ADA Compliance: Very Low Vibration
Size: Unlimited
Weight: 9 lbs / sq ft
Mass Changes: None
Appearance Changes: None
Trip Hazard: None
Walking Comfort: Highest
Re-Topping: Easy
Patch Repair: Almost Invisible

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