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New Ground

Pervious Pavement

Rubberway Pervious Pavement

Pervious Pavement for Parking Lots

 Pervious Pavement is constructed of a larger recycled crumb rubber granulate which creates a very porous, open grid surface allowing for rapid rainwater dispersion and quick drying. Usually installed at 1-1/2” to 2” thickness using an environmentally safe, non-toxic binder, the resulting surface will provide years of comfortable, resilient, attractive, and safe usage.

Porous Pavment Sample

This porous pavement system is suitable for parks, rubber pathways, rubber walkways, jogging trails, rubber running tracks, permeable driveways, permeable parking lots, pool deck resurfacing, rubber decking, patios, courtyards, and school playground blacktops.

By allowing rainwater to penetrate through the surface, storm water run-off is greatly reduced and water is allowed to disperse throughout the subsoil and provide needed sustenance for trees and shrubs.The pavement is resilient enough to provide a low slip, spike resistant, comfortable and safe surface, yet firm enough to be suitable for more high impact use from skateboards, strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles, and light vehicular traffic.

Benefits of Porous Pavement Systems

Our special binders are premium grade and derived of pure raw material compounds without fillers or VOC’s. The tensile strength properties provide long term durability and the binder is water repellant. The granulated rubber is derived from refined, recycled tires free of metal. 

These materials are pigmented with long lasting, warranted, non-toxic pigments to replicate the appearance of a natural walking trail. A range of attractive colors are available to allow the end user a choice of creative options. Available in colors such as black, dark brown, terra cotta red, dark green, tan, and grey.


Pervious Pavement Color Selection:

Pervious Pavement rubber materials  Pervious Pavement rubber materials  Pervious Pavement rubber materials  Pervious Pavement rubber materials  Pervious Pavement rubber materials  

Cocoa Brown, Terra Cotta Red, Green, Tan, Grey, Black

*Some colors listed are special order and are not readily stocked in inventory, but can be made with a 3-4 week lead time.


Rubberway RubberRock 6000 Pervious Pavement System


Permeable Parking Lot AlternativeWhen the Rubberway Pervious Pavement system is combined with an aggregate and our proprietary RR6000 binder,  the result is RubberRock 6000. This pervious paving system is extra durable and firm, yet still maintains optimal porosity, and is designed to withstand heavy weight loads and light vehicular traffic. This porous paving system is perfect for a permeable parking lot designed for stormwater management.

This porous pavement system is formulated with various options to provide typical asphalt pavement properties with enhanced performance characteristics, such as force reduction, permeability, durability, flexibility, and noise reduction. Multiple color options are available.


Rubberway EVOLUTION Pervious Pavement System


Rubberway EVOLUTIONThe new Rubberway EVOLUTION system was designed to ensure a long lasting, durable system that won't fade over time. This patented system utilizes virgin rubber that is solid in color throughout to eliminate the possibility of the color wearing off. This colored rubber is mixed with rock and a hard, clear, UV stabilized binder and is poured over a base layer of recycled rubber. Thus, this open grid, rapid draining system has all the advantages of the Rubberrock 6000 system with the additional benefit of guaranteed color fastedness over time.

Custom Permeable Paving Solutions

Rubberway has many variations that we offer with our products.  Quite often, systems are customized to the client's specific needs.  This is accomplished through selecting the appropriate bonding agent, the particular commodity size of the rubber, sourcing stone locally when possible, as well as what ratios of rubber and binder are used. By selecting the proper products and modifying the system, we can supply the appropriate product recommendations for its intended use.

Pervious Pavement Trail at Bed Bath and Beyond


Recommended Applications for Rubberway Pervious Pavement Systems:

Pervious Sidewalks Porous Pavements Alternative to Asphalt
Rubber Pathways Storm Water Management Systems
Rubber Running Tracks Erosion Control
Rubber Trails Emergency Lanes
Golf Cart Paths School Blacktops
Pool Deck Resurfacing Rubber Decking

Permeable Driveways

Permeable Parking Lots


Material Only Supply for Contractors

Rubber Pathway Installation

The Rubberway Pervious Pavement Materials Kit™ is supplied to experienced contractors and landscapers who are interested in learning how to install rubberized permeable paving systems. Kits are sold exclusively to contractors and landscapers at wholesale prices.

Our comprehensive installation guide is easy to follow step by step. Clear instructions for set up, sub-base preparations, mixture ratios, and pouring/trowelling are all included. This kit will give you all you need to start building a solid and profitable customer base in a growing market with the best product available. Each kit contains our proprietatry Rubberway Envirobinder and Pervious Pavement rubber bits for the installation of a small demonstration area up to 100 square feet at a 1.5” thickness. 


Installation Services

USSA, Inc performs installation and maintenance across the country with trained and experienced crews. Our installers will ensure the materials are mixed in the correct proportions at the right temperatures, that the sub-strate is properly prepared, the edges are protected, and the surface is troweled smoothly. 

Whether installing a brand new system or re-topping an existing system, our surfacing generally can be installed by a 3-4 man crew at the rate of 2,000 square feet per day. If sealing the surface with a sealer coat for maintenance using a roller, about 4,000 square feet can be accomplished in one day.

Contact Us for a quotation or call USSA, Inc. Toll Free at (877) 288-0045.


Environmental Benefits of Pervious Pavement

Our environmentally compatible technology is eligible for multiple LEED credits and exceeds EPA requirements for no heavy metal leaching. 


Allows water penetration through the pavement which allows for groundwater recharge and reduces storm water run-off.

ASTM F 1551: Rubberway Pervious Pavement drains at 56 gallons/minute/square foot.

Storm Water Design:

Rubberway® Pervious Pavement by virtue of being permeable, absorbs significant quantities of rain water thus reducing the volume of run off, while providing filtration and irrigation, particularly relative to concrete or asphalt. (See LEED SS Credit 6.1, 6.2)

Recycled Content:

Rubberway Pervious Pavement utilizes 100% recycled passenger or truck tires and is pigmented to give it color. ( See LEED™ MR Credit 4.1, 4.2)


The five (5) year limited warranty provides 100% coverage in terms of cost for necessary repairs, during the first through third year of use by the owner, caused by degradation of the surfacing system.

The warranty does not cover wear and tear damage caused by vehicles, other contruction, spillage of chemicals, oils, and gasoline, damage from vandalism, slight color fading, stains, burns, gauges, or indentations. It also does not cover problems caused by moisture, alkali, hydrostatic pressure, cracking or shifting of lifting of the substrata, over which the surfacing has been installed. 

 The owner is responsible to maintain the wear layer with a sealer coat sold by USSA to maintain the integrity of the system every eighteen months. Priority should be placed on the high wear areas.


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