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New Ground

Playground Patch Kit

PolyStar Playground Patch Kit

For Playground Surfacing Repair

The PolyStar PatchKitTM is supplied to enable contractors to repair damaged or worn rubber playground safety surfacing that utilizes sub-bases of crumb rubber with a surface wear coat of colored EPDM rubber.

Each PolyStar playground patch kit contains the materials necessary for the repair of an area up to 25 square feet, based on a 2.5" thick base layer and a 1/2" thick color EPDM wear layer. If the wear coat is to be matched to multiple colors, additional materials will need to be ordered.

EPDM colors available: Terra Cotta Red, Green, Blue, Teal, Yellow, Cocoa Brown, Tan, Gray and Black.

Other colors available on special order.

USSA accepts no responsibility for the resulting repair in terms of successful application or durability, or in color matching, fall height, or any other performance or appearance characteristics.

yellow epdm             terra cotta red epdm             teal epdm

  • All In One Kit
  • Easy Application
  • No Mixer Required
  • Covers Up to 25 square feet
  • Repairs cracks, potholes, punctures, vandalism, etc

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