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Polytan Sports Fields 

Athletic Turf Systems

polytan sports fields

At World Recycling Surfacing Group we are committed to providing leading technologies that are engineered to exceed expectations. The Polytan synthetic turf yarn selection offers maximum wear resistance, superior performance and a feel that is pleasant to the skin. The various athletic systems are uniquely designed for a  multitude of professional and recreational sports applications. 

Polytan LigaTurf
Recommended for stadiums and high performance sports venues. LigaTurf features newly-developed “spring back” monofilament fibers which have an outstanding ability to bounce back on account of their resilience-enhanced design and soft elastic yarn composition.

Polytan LigaGrass
LigaGrass is made with the same high quality monofilament fiber but in this system the fiber is uniquely textured using an exclusive manufacturing process.

Polytan LigaSport
LigaSport artificial turf is the newest entry in the USA turf market. Manufactured in Georgia, LigaSPORT is designed and priced to be bid where client specifications call for turf systems utilizing a longer turf blade where no E-Layer is specified.

Polytan Cool Plus

Polytan CoolPlus synthetic turf system uses new grass fiber technology and a thermoplastic infill to create a major reduction in surface temperature when compared to conventional synthetic artificial turf systems. Ideal for use in hot climates.

Infill MaterialsProvide grip, traction, and softness to the surface. Assist with proper ball and player interaction with the surface. Polytan offer three different infill options to meet client needs.

Polytan Products
  • Polytan products and materials are made in the USA
  • In 2010 Polytan is leading in FIFA 2 Star recommended installations worldwide
  • Bring VALUE to your facility by selecting a Polytan synthetic turf system
  • The Polytan elastic layer energy pad underlayment system will provide a higher level of G-MAX values over the life time of the field.


For more information please visit the Polytan- USA portal website at

or the Global website at:


For more information please visit the Polytan- USA portal website at

or the Global website at:


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