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New Ground

Life Cycle Management

World Recycling Surfacing Group is a vertically integrated company that endeavours to provide the greenest products and installations available to the industry. We use Lifecycle Management practices wherever possible with our systems. For example, our PolyTurf synthetic grass system uses recycled crumb rubber from automobile and truck tires for the base layer with a non-toxic binder, and, uniquely to WRSG, at the end of its useful life we are committed to recycling both the turf and the e-layer, or base layer. WRSG is conducting an R&D program to recycle the old turf by rolling it up and shipping it to recyclers who strip the grass from the backing then treat the fibers and backing to reduce it to the basic elements for reuse in the manufacture of plastic lumber or possibly new synthetic turf. The pervious rubber base layer can be reprocessed to granulate it and remove contaminants, then the crumb can be reused for the same purposes with new binder. We are also working with our raw material suppliers to incorporate the recycled materials in the production of the turf fibers and backing cloths.

Once these processes are perfected, WRSG will be able to claim complete, full Lifecycle Management of its products. It is because our company is vertically integrated enabling us to control the manufacturing of the basic products, and the installation, maintenance and recycling of our systems that we can confidently predict that we will shortly be able to claim


Full Lifecycle management

of ALL our products and systems.


Rubber Recycling:

We incorporate and provide a wide variety of recycled materials into our surfacing systems utilizing, both pre-consumer and post consumer recycled material components. Most of the recycled material is rubber from post consumer tires and plastic jugs.

Carpet America Recovery Effort:

Our synthetic turf manufacturing and installation companies are responsible for removal of all synthetic turf materials at the end of their life span if agreed at the time of bid and are experimenting with new technologies which support ongoing efforts to reuse the materials we recycle.


We have grown as a respected force in a growing industry, providing sustainable surfacing solutions and strategic alliance partnerships in our national recycling efforts.


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